Guides for Fire & Building Codes


Fire facilities business
Requires certified technicians and equipment to design, construct or supervise fire protection facilities
Fire facilities maintenance business
Requires certified technicians and equipment for fire protection facilities including automatic extinguisher systems to periodically supervise those.
Flame proof business
Requires certified technicians and equipment to flameproof goods
Fire facilities of Buildings
When the authorities permit or approve building, rebuilding, extending a structure or its relocation, they must obtain agreements from a fire chief or fire marshals in the jurisdiction.
Facilities for publicly used business
A publicly used business which has a high possibility of physical or property damages by fire and disasters requires fire safety facilities in its business site by a Presidential decree.
Dangerous articles inquiry
(designation/dismissal of the person in charge of dangerous articles and its succession)
A certified or professionally trained person should be designated in a business site which handles dangerous articles more than a certain amount in order to deal with them safe. And when the owner of the business is changed, it has to be reported to the fire station in the jurisdiction.
Fire safety manager
A fire facilities technician or a trained person has to be designated for fire protection of the building.