Tips for First Aid


First Aid for Airway
Partial airway obstruction
In cases where victim is breathing, induce them to continuously cough, and even if foreign object is discharged, contact 119 immediately if the victim continues to cough.
Complete airway obstruction : When the patient is conscious
When the choking victim is conscious but cannot cough during treatment for airway obstruction, perform the Heimlich maneuver. Stand behind the victim, hold their waist in your arms, and support yourself by placing one leg between the victim’s legs.
Make a fist. Place the thumb of the fist halfway between the navel and the bottom of the sternum.
Grasp the fist with your other hand and thrust it upwards.
Continue until the foreign object is expelled or the victim loses consciousness.
Complete airway obstruction : When the patient is not conscious
For an unconscious patient with complete airway obstruction, conduct CPR
Infant airway obstruction
For victims under one year of age, or weighing 10kg or less, regardless of age:
1. Put the baby over your forearm with the face to the right side, and secure the baby’s head and neck with your hands.
2. Then turn the baby’s body with the other arm while the face is directed downward, and support the baby with your hand holding the chin.
3. Successively pat the back between the baby’s shoulder blades with the palm of the other hand, 5 times in a row
4. Turn toward the front and place two fingers on the breastbone just under the nipple line (one finger even with the nipple line).
5. Apply pressure by thrusting quickly 5 times.
6. Remove any foreign object from the mouth.
7. Unless a foreign object is expelled, continue patting the back.