Use of Fire Extinguishers


Use of a Fire Extinguisher
Carry the fire extinguisher to where the fire is.
Take out the safety pin on the handle.
Position yourself with your back against the wind and direct the nozzle toward the fire.
Hold the handle tightly and spray as if sweeping with a broom stick.
Keep a fire extinguisher in a place that can be readily seen and convenient for use, but do not expose it to sunlight or moisture.
How to use the SAT119 throw-type fire extinguisher

How to use an indoor fire hydrant
In case of a fire, activate the transmitter switch to send notification of the fire. Open the panel of the fire hydrant, and take out the hose and nozzle (for spraying water).
A second person should extend the folded parts of the hose, and once the person holding the nozzle is ready to spray water, the other person should turn the switch and open the valve.
Hold the nozzle and spray water into the areas on fire.