Our service includes


Fire station tours
We provide tour services for individuals and groups in order to raise consciousness of fire prevention and safety.
119 Safety Experience
This is the safety consciousness education for children in Gyeonggi-do so that they will experience various disaster situations and enhance their self-defense ability under a deal of dangerous circumstances.
Fire Safety Experience Center
We provide education programs here, such as fire/earthquake evacuation, usage of extinguishers and 1st aid guides in daily life. Participants can learn how to prevent dangerousness of various accidents in advance as they experience virtual disaster situations.
Education for publicly used business
We provide the business owners and their associates with fire prevention guides and revised fire laws and regulations in order for them to install their own fire protection system and raise their safety consciousness.
Safety Education
We provide fire station tours to raise consciousness of fire prevention and safety.
Reservation of emergency vehicles
We provide reservation services for you to book emergency vehicles and senior only ambulances
Hiring equipment
Fire protection equipment and facilities in our headquarters can be hired for free. We hope, by this, the safety culture will be settled in daily life of residents of Gyeonggi-do.